About us

MEXIA international was founded in 1995 under the name Belle Oasis, by two men passionate about Deglet Noor dates, the main product of their homeland in the south of Algeria. Along with agricultural engineers who love their land, they restore to Deglet Noor date its title of nobility. The company rapidly grows to become an important player in the local market.
Empowered by its expertise in the domain and encouraged by the recognition of its peers, the company exports its products to Spain, Dubai and opens up to a whole new horizon.
Following the launching of MEXIA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED in 2019 with its main siege in Dublin, Ireland and offices in Paris and Bruxelles, the company henceforth starts working internationally while diversifying its agro food offers. Today, MEXIA international offers its clients a wide range of excellent quality dry fruits and legumes.
Our objective is to serve our clients respecting our values of: respect, excellence and passion.
Your confidence is the foundation of our company.